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First of all let me tell you that you have chosen to read this article and I don’t represent any political party for that matter. I sincerely hope that my words don’t hurt anyone and if by any chance it did, I whole heartedly apologize.

Let me begin by quoting what Sir Winston Churchill had said about freeing India. He had said, “If Independence is granted to India, power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low caliber and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India”. I seriously think that time has arrived.

When something goes wrong in a family, the first duty of the head of the family is to stand up and say, “I will try to make things right. I need your support. Are you wit me?” and then probably think of some way out of the problem. Words are more powerful than weapons. Rupee has bent down in front of dollar, China is mongering in the border by making an incursion and trying to create tension in border, share market is creating records everyday and what do we expect from the government?? “We will pass FOOD SECURITY BILL at any cost” For these people, votes are more important than India’s integrity and sovereignty.

We have a PM who speaks only once in a year and who doesn’t just care about country. All he does is SIT QUIET and DO NOTHING. We have so called “YUVARAJ” as if India is not a democratic country who just roams around, says some nonsense, and poses for photograph. And above all is her majesty who is running the puppet show called, “INDIAN POLITICS”

I am sure most of you have read MAHABHARATHA. Though Duryodhana was morally wrong he doesn’t hesitate to say “I’ll not give an inch of land to you” and now what we hear when China intrudes into Indian Territory, “Dialogues are the best way to sort the problem. We don’t have clear picture of Line of Actual Control”. How rubbish and immature is this? I mean when someone illegally enters into our home don’t we stand a chance to say, “Look! This is our land. You are crossing the limits. We will have to take strong actions if you don’t stop it” Don’t we have the right to say this? Do we need 50 years to solve a problem? Are we an impotent nation?

Today Indian Rupee reached 65.5/$ and is expected to reach 70/$ in a week. Our FM while addressing media blames it on Global economy. Ok Mr. Chidu, we agree with that. But being in a responsible position, aren’t you ashamed of blaming someone for your problem? Dollar is riding on INR, Indonesian rupee while Euro, Pound are stable. So, it is very clear that it is we who are in trouble not US, Britain or Europe. And it’s your responsibility to make things straight. I request either you or anyone from your cabinet to address the innocent people of India including me and assure us that you will do your best to solve the crisis. And I am sure you don’t care because YOU HAVE TO BE HONEST TO BE BOLD. Can you show me atleast one honest person in UPA-2?? It is a million dollar question that will remain unanswered forever.

A caged investigation agency which claims files went missing, a PM who asks TEEK HAIN? After his speech, a defense minister who holds record for being in that position for 10 years and bats for Pakistan when it breaches cease fire, so called young leader without vision, and Queen bee who sits on top are making India, an International Slum. If you are wondering who this kid who is ranting something here, I am that stupid common man of India who take pride being a part of it and equally saddened to be ruled some undeserving class of people.

In a democratic country, it is not a good sign to be ruled by a single party for 60 years and still think it is the better available option. Are we an impotent nation? That we don’t crave for the change. Change is the essence of evolution. By change I don’t mean Narendra Modi. It is for us to choose a determined leader who can stand for his fellow citizens, who can assure us like a big brother, “Yes! I am there for you”, who can strongly warn the war mongering countries, who can take India in the path of progress there by putting Indian on the world map as the Leader.

Comments and criticism are always welcomed. I am not always into this sort of articles. I felt about the state of my country that made me to write a piece about it. If being PROUD INDIAN is COMMUNAL, I AM COMMUNAL because for me my country comes first. I hope we will elect someone for whom India comes first.