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Behind every great love is a greater story and Veer Santhosh’s Ready to fall in love is a collection of such beautiful love stories. It comes in a very attractive cover which will definitely catch your eyes with a beautiful description at the back. And inside, before the stories begin you will find a beautiful preface written by Sourabha Rao and a lovely poem, which is probably going to become the most forwarded message people will be sending to their loved ones soon.

It consists of 5 short heart touching love stories titled as ‘Ready to fall in love…?’,’It’s actually a love story’, ’Love never lets you down’, ‘Express yourself’ and last but not the least ‘So is this love…?’. The theme behind each story is different and we can find instances or characters or moments we can relate to in each story. The well thought of stories with their simplicity and purity will keep you turning the pages. They make you smile, they make you go awww, they make u think that ‘I wish I had someone who loved me like this’. It gives you the feeling of that first love, the kind that awakens the soul and makes you reach for more, that plants a fire in your heart and brings peace to your mind. The kind that works out in some cases to last forever and sometimes just stays as an inerasable memory. But that’s not the only kind of love we get to see in this book, it also focuses on the darker side of love. Well my favorite part was how the love of parents, siblings and friends has also been depicted in each of the stories.

The stories are not just about loving someone but also about the way of loving and about holding on to that love through good and bad times alike, it’s about learning from your mistakes and not letting the relationships that you already have with your family and friends to be affected by the new romantic relationships you develop.

Veer Santhosh’s style of writing reminds me of Chethan Bhagath and Paulo Coelho. It’s simple, straightforward and yet so poetic. The stories are easily relatable to anyone of our age group which makes it even more interesting to read. It’s a great way for people who don’t read love stories or any kind of stories in general to start reading books.  And for all those hopeless romantics out there it goes without saying that you will love this.

Every one of us has dreams, but it takes someone special to wake up and turn that dream into reality and Santhosh is one of those people. And I feel proud to have met and known him. A hearty congratulation to you, for the success of your first book and eagerly waiting for your future books.

So get ready to fall in love and go grab your copy. Call 9741939815 to get an autographed copy by the author.

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