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“The mediocre teacher tells(rather yells). The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The Great teacher inspires” – William. A . Ward

A month back, a friend of mine sent this message to me. Usually I don’t keep any messages in my in box. But this one is so true that its still there in my in-box. And its the best message I’ve ever received. I take this opportunity to tell about a person, I apologies, He’s not just a person, he’s friend, he is a mentor, and he’s someone who inspired me in his own way. Today if I know a bit of Kannada, that’s just because of him. He is just around 5 feet height and the impression he made on us is something amazing. He was our Kannada teacher in marimallappa’s high school. And his name is M.V.Tulsiprasad. He’s the best teacher I’ve come across in my life.

When asked about him, my friend DIVYA G G had so much to tell. Read in her words only, “I was horrible in Kannada when I got into Maris. It was actually disastrous. And sir had told us he would cut half mark for every spelling mistakes. And in my first test I got just half marks for every question because there were more spelling mistakes than he could cut marks for. I improved so much later only because of him. He took long time to complete lesson. He taught it so well that it was like watching a movie. He was such a fun to be with kinda teacher and someone very passionate about about teaching and the language. I still remember the story and characters because it was him who taught us. He made us sing poems in the class that too by putting tune on the spot”. She is not the only person impressed by him. I was not that much good at Kannada. Just because he taught us so well, I got 23 in a test. Trust me, getting above 20 in Kannada was something impossible.

ಅಗೋ ನೋಡು ಲೈಟು ಕಂಬ, ತಗೋ ಕೈಗೆ ತಾಮ್ರದ ಚೊಂಬ!!. When I asked my friends to tell something about him, most of them replied with these lines. These lines still makes us smile. When I was in 5th semester we organized the re-union of our class. And it was decided that we should call him to the program. And I went to invite him. I dint knew the address. When I called him, he only came and picked me. Such a great person he is. And he did come to the program by putting half day leave just for us. It was something worth cherishing We love him just because of his simplicity. I still remember his loud voice, never missing tie. As a said in the beginning, A teacher just not teaches, he inspires. And he is the living example for it. Karthik prabhu was my classmate in maris and he is my college mate in MIT. He says, “The way he used to dress depicts his discipline. The loudness in his voice depicts his firmness and determination”. To be frank, I don’t see such an attitude these days in any teachers.

I still remember the grammar he taught us when we were in 8th standard. He even took special classes on Sunday to complete the syllabus and 100% of us would turn up just to attend his class. His voice mesmerized us like anything. Once he sang “Yeh dil, deewana” song from dilse movie..  He was such a gem. I don’t have words to express the gratitude, the respect, the love I’ve for him. He is my source of inspiration. If there is some creativity in me, thats just because of him. I respect you sir, and love you too. I pray in god to give you a long life so that you can guide many more students like me. Way to go sir… Thanks for everything and the sweet memories I had with you. Guys, he taught us only for a year. And he stole our heart like anything!!!

Happy Teachers Day!!

It was written on September 5, 2011!!!